Our Club of Investors

With a Unique Geographical Spread


Ashok Belani, EVP & CTO, Schlumberger
Ashok Belani

EVP & President of Schlumberger New Energies

Meyer Bengio, VP Tech, Schlumberger
Meyer Bengio

Retired, Schlumberger

Antonio Campo - Retired, Schlumberger
Antonio Campo

Retired, Schlumberger

Christophe Carniel, CEO at Vogo
Christophe Carniel


Stéphanie Gottlib-Zeh

Founder of Techsia, acquired by Schlumberger

Andrew Gould, Board Member of Occidental Petroleum
Andrew Gould

Former Chairman & CEO of Schlumberger

Gérard Martellozo, Chairman and director of Schlumberger Foundation
Gérard Martellozo

Chairman and director, Schlumberger Foundation

Brian Moss, Retired Schlumberger
Brian Moss

Retired Schlumberger

Alexis Nohen, CEO at Astero Partners
Alexis Nohen

CEO, Astero Partners

Thierry Omeyer, Agileo Ventures, The Club
Thierry Omeyer

General Manager at Paris Saint Germain, ex-Handball player, 5 times world champion in handball; 2 times Olympic gold medalist

Olivier Peyret, Chairman Schlumberger France
Olivier Peyret

Chairman, Schlumberger France

Thierry - Pilenko CEO, Technip FMC
Thierry Pilenko

Former CEO of Technip FMC

Primwest SA
Primwest SA

Family Office (Switzerland)

Pierre Rabadan, Agileo Ventures, The Club
Pierre Rabadan

Adjoint à la Mairie de Paris en charge des Sports ; ex-Rugby player at Stade Français

Jean-Marie Rousset, Partner and Co-Founder at C&S Partners
Jean-Marie Rousset

Partner and Co-Founder, C&S Partners

Chakib Sbiti, Corporate Director, SNC Lavalin
Chakib Sbiti

Corporate Director, SNC Lavalin

Jose Silva, Executive VP - BD and Strategy at Xecta Digital Labs
Jose Silva

Executive Vice President and Business Development & Strategy, Xecta Digital Labs

Robins Tchale Watchou

CEO Vivendi Sports, President at Provale, ex-Rugby player at Montpellier Hérault Club

Eric Thieulin, Agileo treasurer
Eric Thieulin

Asera, Lawyer

Ihab Toma, CEO Vantage Drilling
Ihab Toma

CEO, Vantage Drilling

Velizar Vesselinov, Analytics, Machine Learning, Schlumberger
Velizar Vesselinov

Analytics, Machine Learning, Schlumberger

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