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Ashok Belani, EVP & CTO, Schlumberger

Ashok Belani

EVP & CTO, Schlumberger

Meyer Bengio, VP Tech, Schlumberger

Meyer Bengio

VP Software Technology, Schlumberger

Antonio Campo - Retired, Schlumberger

Antonio Campo

Retired, Schlumberger

Christophe Carniel, CEO at Vogo

Christophe Carniel


Frédéric Comte

Frédéric Comte


Stéphanie Gottlib-Zeh

Founder of Techsia, acquired by Schlumberger

Carine Gourbail, Former CFO Techsia, Schlumberger

Carine Gourbail

Former CFO Techsia, Schlumberger

Brian Moss, Retired Schlumberger

Brian Moss

Retired Schlumberger

Thierry - Pilenko CEO, Technip FMC

Thierry Pilenko

CEO, Technip FMC


Family Office (Switzerland)

Karine Puget, CEO, Genepep

Karine Puget

CEO, Genepep

Chakib Sbiti, Corporate Director, SNC Lavalin

Chakib Sbiti

Corporate Director, SNC Lavalin

Velizar Vesselinov, Analytics, Machine Learning, Schlumberger

Velizar Vesselinov

Analytics, Machine Learning, Schlumberger

Kentin Mahé

Kentin Mahé

Handball, 2x World Champion, European Champion, Silver Olympic Champion

Bruno Marie-Rose

Bruno Marie-Rose

Athletism, Member of world- record setting 4×100 meter relay team

Thierry Omeyer

Thierry Omeyer

Handball, 5 times world champion in handball; 2 times Olympic gold medalist

Pierre Rabadan

Pierre Rabadan

Rugby, Stade Francais

Robins Tchale Watchou

Robins Tchale Watchou

Rugby, Montpellier, Top 14 Finalist

Astero Partners




Logo Banque Populaire du Sud

Banque Populaire du Sud


le BIC de Montpellier

le BIC de Montpellier


Breega Capital


Global Sports Innovation Center


Hype Sports Innovation




Le Tremplin (Incubateur SportTech Paris)

Le Tremplin (Incubateur SportTech Paris)


Logo London Sport

London Sport


Ministère des sports

Ministère des sports


Montpellier Métropole

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole


RICE Business Plan Competition


Sportup Summit


Sport Xperience



Montpellier Sporting Hérault Club


Ligue de Football Professionnel


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