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Our vision

Leverage our entrepreneurial, business and scientific expériences to support disruptive technological start-ups with a mix of funding, mentoring and networking. We intend bringing « intelligent money » to our invested companies.

We are set as a Club of Investors with a unique international spread – a “Tech for Good” think tank association as a platform for exchange of experiences, debate and reflections to drive new global market standards.

The scope of Agileo is to mainly focus our sourcing on « Tech for good », « Green Tech » and « Renewable Energies », while keeping the possibility to look after other Tech Centric Markets on a case-by-case basis, such as :

  • #SportTech
  • #Entertainment
  • #DeepTech
  • #EdTech
  • #Mobility
  • #IoT
  • #Manufacturing
  • #AgTech
  • #HealthTech
  • #Bio/MedTech
  • #FinTech
  • #Security
  • #Privacy
  • #FoodTech
  • #Retail
Agileo - Illustration Investor

Agileo: a smart engagement model of its members

More active participation of Agileo members who can bring new files to the club, leveraging the individual broad network of a large part of Agileo’s members with a unique geographical spread.

Our ambition is to fund & boost start-up development structurally, strategically and in a sustainable way by bringing together entrepreneurs and key business players.

Our Unique Value Proposition Provides Unparalleled Support,
Mentoring & Networking


  • Agileo is the first global investment vehicle dedicated to Innovators in Tech for Good, Green Tech and New Energies such as: Sport & Entertainment, Deep Tech, AgTech, etc.
  • Our mission is to trigger sustainable growth for our start-ups by through Mentoring and Networking
  • Our highly expirienced Agileo’s members are actively engaged in our startups’ development and growth
  • Agileo also provides access to a full ecosystem of key strategic partners (corporate & institutional partners, incubators, accelerators, investor partners network, …)
Agileo - Illustration Startup